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26. July - 02. August 2020

Dear friends and sponsors of the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle!

We are pleased to  to be able to let you know that the Festival is taking place!

Some people have said that  the Festival was never before as important as right now. We can even assume that thesignificance of "the child of Europe" will continue to increase in the coming times, as Kaspar Hauser stands for the question of the true identity of the human being like no other historically documented being!

Most events can take place, of course under the current conditions.

However, we hope that it will be possible to create a good and rich atmosphere. The symphonic concert planned for August 1st will be postponed until the coming year. The SONAT VOX choir concert on July 26th will, however, take place and can be heard again in the evening of August 1st.

The presentation of the  important project of the "Kaspar Hauser Center" as well as the tours through the "Kaspar Hauser House" will also be postponed. We hope that we can host these events next year, when the City of Ansbach celebrates its 800th anniversary! On July 31, 2020 at 8:30 p.m.  will be a further lecture by Eckart Böhmer: "Kaspar Hauser, an key waymarker for coming times".

In addition to the many lectures and readings, the research group will also offer an extensive book table during the whole week.

In 1829 Kaspar Hauser wrote:
Life was given to us for work, love and inner refinement. What sense does human life have without them?
What could really be missing if one had all this? What reason could one then have to complain?

Looking forward to meeting you soon !

With our best wishes For the Research Circle
Eckart Böhmer

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The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle became part of the Karl König Institute on December 17th, 2016.

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