GERMANKaspar Hauser Research Circle

Director Eckart Böhmer


Friends of the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle!

Our research into the many aspects of the mystery of Kaspar Hauser>and their significance for today depends upon financial contributions. Whether modest or substantial, these gifts provide the essential support we must have to do our work>

And there is vital work to be done!

We have acquired a motherlode of historical documents and material, collected by Hermann Pies and augmented by the extensive research of Johannes Mayer and Peter Tradowsky.
50 crates of documents need to be studied, catalogued and archived for research!!!
We hope you will support the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle in this crucial work

The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle has found its home within the Karl König Institute for Art, Science and Social Life and we are united in these common aims:

To further scientific research, artistic expression and the social relevance Kaspar Hauser in our time.

These aims can only be truly achieved through building, together with those who feel called,

A community of Kaspar Hauser

In which members freely stand shoulder to shoulder around this work. We want to share our questions, findings, publications, events, enthusiasm and deep commitment with YOU!

This community group is an international initiative. We invite you to become a member by joining and pledging a regular financial contribution.

To join the community of Kaspar Hauser, please contact:

Deborah Grace for USA and Canada

Christoph Hanni for GB

They will put you on our mailing list for the bi-annual Newsletter and relevant information.

To make a contribution in the USA and Canada:

We partner with the Camphill Foundation and your donations are tax-deductible in the USA

Please go to:
and under Designation, leave this comment: Karl Koenig Institute, Kaspar Hauser

or make out a check to Camphill Foundation, specifiying Karl König Institute, Kaspar Hauser in the memo line.

Send to:

Camphill Foundation
285 Hungry Hollow Road
Chestnut Ridge,
NY 10977

To make a contribution in Great Britain:

Please make cheques out to: Karl König Institute, Kaspar Hauser Research

and send to:

Karl König Archive,
Camphill House
AB13 0AN Aberdeen, Scotland

Account for Europe:

IBAN: DE47 4306 0967 1131 7142 01

The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle became part of the Karl König Institute on December 17th, 2016.