Kaspar Hauser Research Circle

in the Karl König Institute

Management Eckart Böhmer

  Kaspar Hauser Research Circle – Background and Tasks

Kaspar Hauser’s life (1812-1833) was a definitive crystallization point in recent human history. In 1828, during a time of enormous societal and intrapersonal upheaval, a being appeared out of nowhere in Nuremberg, Germany on Whitsun, and posed the question of true human identity.

Jakob Wassermann said, “Kaspar Hauser will be as powerful in death as he was powerless in life.”

A time has now come in which this activity of his is ready to be elevated to a new level by human beings, based on a Whitsun-like fellowship of free individuals.

Thirty years ago, at his graduation speech in distant South America, Eckart Böhmer first began to speak of “the child of Europe.” In 1998, he created the bi-annual Kaspar Hauser Festspiele in Ansbach, Germany, produced for the tenth time in 2016. The most significant exoteric Kaspar Hauser researcher was Dr. Hermann Pies (1888-1983), who built the historical-scientific foundation of Kaspar Hauser research. Through his friendship with the painter and writer Heinz Demisch, who introduced him as a Kaspar Hauser researcher in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [FAZ], he also met the publisher Johannes Mayer, who was working, at the time, on comprehensive documentation of Kaspar Hauser, and who began to reprint Hermann Pies’ works. After his death in 1983, the Stuttgart publisher administered Pies’ extensive estate, and supplemented it with his own significant research. 33 years have passed since then, and Johannes Mayer began to look for another person who saw Kaspar Hauser as his life’s work. In this way, this treasure was passed on to Eckart Böhmer.

Eckart Böhmer founded the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle, as the estate needs to be sorted and properly archived in order to be of use in the future. This goal will now be realized in cooperation with Richard Steel and the Karl König Institute.

For this to be a success, we are in need of new supporting members who would like to join the impulse with a membership fee chosen at their own discretion, and help to form the economic foundation of this work. You will receive regular news regarding research and discoveries, will be invited to attend meetings and view the material in person, and will also be invited to annual membership meetings that will include work on the content.

Leitung: Eckart Böhmer

Director: Eckart Böhmer Advisory committee: Dr. Anne Weise, Dorothea Sonstenes (Secretary), Leif Sonstenes (Finances), Winfried Altmann, Ronald Richter, Richard Steel

The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle became part of the Karl König Institute on December 17th, 2016.